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Why ?
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Why VEINSonline ? is the largest society dedicated solely to the education of the general public, not the medical community, about venous disorders, conditions and treatment options. Our members have demonstrated an interest in venous conditions and their treatment. While there are many medical societies that have done a very good job educating doctors it is the belief of many that they have failed in their attempts to educate the public.  Our patient referral service and membership are offered only to medical doctors. We are in the early stages of building our society and web site and hope to promote it in the media and most importantly via internet search engines.

We are new, as is the whole internet, but we are accepting membership applications from interested parties. Those seeking membership should send an email to us at 
and you will receive information about VEINSonline. Our referral service will allow you to introduce yourself and your practice to an unlimited number of potential patients. Your page on VEINSonline will at first be set up by your home (office) state, province or country, but it is our hope to later allow patients to find doctors in their county or a neighboring one. 
To see some letters of recommendation about from some of our members visit our letters page (http:/


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