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    VEINSonline is the worlds largest internet based organization of doctors who seek to help the general public learn about varicose vein and spider vein problems and treatment.

    Patients today are more well informed and interested in their medical care then at any time in history, and the public has every right to demand and expect at least a basic understanding of any medical condition they may suffer from. However a common problem has been that in an office environment doctors may be pressured by time constraints, and bored by the repetition of similiar questions,over and over. Patients thus may feel rushed and unsatisfied and often their most basic questions and concerns are not adequately addressed. 

    This is why VEINSonline has set up this venous disorders education website.

    The members of VEINSonline are all doctors from around the world who are interested in educating the public about vein disorders. The internet allows us to help inform you about venous conditions in a relaxed, interactive, and unhurried manner. Before the advent of the internet a current and easily upgraded method of educating the general public was nearly impossible.

    VEINSonline members include full time vein specialists (phlebologists) , general surgeons, vascular surgeons,plastic surgeons, dermotologists,internists, and family practitioners all of whom have a special interest in vein disease and it's treatment. not all of the veinsonline members have elected to be on our referral list as some are not seeing new patients, are near retirement or are primarily involved in research.




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